Business Insurance

Can you really afford not to have the right business insurance protection?

Insurance is critical in protecting the assets of both you and your Business, and having the right insurance program that meets your needs and addresses your risks allows you peace of mind.

Austbrokers Countrywide specialise in delivering precisely tailored Business insurance solutions to meet your needs. We have developed customized programs, which are exclusive to Austbrokers Countrywide, that deliver broader coverage and real cost savings, all designed with simplicity in mind.

What type of insurance is available?

Fire & Perils Business Interruption Burglary
Loss of Money Transit Glass
Electronic Equipment Machinery Breakdown General Property
Credit Motor Public Liability
Products Liability Workers Compensation  

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Why is Business Interruption Insurance so important?

Recent research from the small to medium enterprise business sector showed a significant number of businesses have no Business Interruption cover (also called Loss of Profits cover), and 70% of businesses that suffer a major loss do not get back into business following the loss. For a relatively inexpensive cost, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that if something goes wrong, you, and the reason you are in business will be protected. In addition to the cost of replacing lost assets, a tailored Business Interruption insurance program provides coverage for the additional financial implications if your business cannot trade. This allows you to continue to have money coming in, even though the business is not trading so that your financial position and your lifestyle can be protected.

Real Life Example

The insured owned a retail store that sustained extensive fire damage caused by an electrical fault. It was expected it would take at least 12 months before the retail store could commence trading and restore trade to the prior levels. The client and Austbrokers Countrywide had previously reviewed the insurance program and developed a tailored business interruption insurance solution that provided financial protection for loss of profit, and other associated covers, which helped the client pay their bills and allowed a steady income while the property was rebuilt (i.e. when they needed the insurance protection the most). Without the financial protection of Business Interruption insurance, the retail store and the owner may not have been able to recover.

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