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Professional Indemnity for Environmental Consultants – why is it important?

Environment Consultants play an important role in advising energy, mining & minerals, waste management, planning & development, infrastructure and industrial sectors in best methods of reducing environmental impact of their activities whether it be at project management stage or remediation. Environmental Consultants activities may include auditing and reviewing the use of hazardous materials, pollution control, ecological sustainable development, water and energy use, process, legislative compliance. They may need to assess the environment relevant to air quality, groundwater, surface water, ecology, fauna and flora, soil, noise, contamination and fuel. Businesses are unaware of the dangers of pollution and economic consequences of fines, legal costs and clean up costs, therefore a qualified Environmental Consultant can assist business to reduce their environmental impact and comply with regulations.

It is important that the Environmental Consultant has appropriate Professional Indemnity Insurance in place for their advice giving activities should an act, error or omission arise from these professional services.

Austbrokers Countrywide are an Insurance Broker who specialises in the placement of Professional Indemnity Insurance for Environmental Consultants. Insurance is complex and there is a large variation in pricing and the quality of cover which can be obtained. Tailored broad wordings are available in the Insurance Market for Environmental Consultants.

Why do you need PI Insurance

  • Defending a claim of "negligence" usually involves seeking specialist legal advice and costs can very quickly mount up. You could expect to pay, for your own legal costs alone, $15,000 per day should the claim end up in Court. On this basis, the cost of defending a claim can very easily become a financial nightmare for the uninsured professional person.
  • Many government bodies, local authorities and private consulting firms now insist that the professional contractors and consultants with whom they deal carry PI Insurance.
  • Everything a professional person does and says in the course of their business could result in a professional liability claim. In the present climate, spurious claims of negligent advice are being made with the aim of delaying the payment of professional fees. You might know that the claim is spurious, but you still may need to defend it. Remember, Civil Courts operate on the balance of probability principle, rather than the level of proof required in Criminal Courts.

Claims Examples 

  • Incorrect advice / design of land fill project relevant to water run-off at site.
  • Incorrect certification
  • Failed to communicate effect of toxic chemical on local environmental resulting in pollution discharge over period of time;

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