Income Protection

Have you ever considered your income-earning ability may be your most valuable asset?

After all, your entire lifestyle depends on your income - where you live, what you choose to spend and what you do.

As a consequence, Income Protection Insurance (also known as Income Replacement, Disability Income or Salary Continuance) could be your most important form of insurance. Income Protection Insurance provides you with a monthly payment if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

As with all personal insurance, Income Protection Insurance helps protect you from financial disaster. It's particularly important if you have obligations such as a mortgage or other debts that you would struggle to repay without your income. It is also important for self-employed people who do not have the protection of an employer to provide any sickness benefits.


Income protection insurance that willl pay a regular income to a person if they are disabled by a sickness or accident. The maximum benefit covered is usually 75% of gross income after business expenses.


  • To continue an income stream in order to repay debts and maintain current lifestyle.
  • To provide the ongoing ability to maintain other protection, savings, investment and retirement plans.


Premium can be tax deductible if the person is normally eligible for a tax deduction for their superannuation contributions. For example, a self-employed person. Benefits are not taxed if within a person's Pension RBL. Lump sum tax applies if benefits are paid to non-dependants.

Target Market

Everyone who relies on a regular income to live and to pay off life's necessities, particularly the self employed.

How much cover should you have?

The amount of income protection insurance you need will be determined by the salary you want to insure. Generally income protection provides cover for about 75% of your salary in the event of illness or injury preventing you from working.

You need to consider what the costs are of meeting a mortgage and other debts; providing for a spouse, children or other dependents; and maintaining your assets and investments. Remember the point of income protection insurance is to provide an income  stream if you can no longer work.

How to apply

To apply for Income Protection Insurance, Please complete the form at the end of this page.

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Income Protection

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